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okay guys so google is doing this really cool project called made w/ code and it lets you make a 3D printed bracelet for free! you basically just have to put in what you want it to say and then google sends it to you in the mail!

naturally I made mine to say “follow tyleroakley

it’s really cool and you should all go make one! :)





Next time you go walking around barefoot in the water…


No worries, that’s a Bobbit Worm. They live on the ocean floor, and unless you’re able to withstand a ton of pressure, you likely wouldn’t have your toesies nipped off by one since they live deeper than people walk on the ocean floor.

Bobbit Worms are kinda cool. And they were named after Laurena Bobbit, who cut off her abusive husband’s penis and threw it out of her car window as she drove off.


the place where they found the penis is right by my house